Kosmas Folklore Museum
There you will find the tools of the Kosmit combs works of local wood carving ceramics, weaving and embroidery art. Archaeological finds & historical documents are also on display. Today, works of folk art are made by Kosmites, young craftsmen, who are engaged in wood carving
Opportunity to cultivate the spirit, as in the community there is a rich lending Library with about 3500 volumes of books, magazines and other publications. It was founded in 1954 and is located in the village school.
Eloni Monastery  
The Monastery of Elona is located on a steep slope of Mount Parnon, at an altitude of 650 m., About 15 km from Kosmas and 17 km from Leonidio. It is a fairly old monastery dating from around 1300. The Monastery with the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary, is built on a steep rock and literally seems to float above the gorge of Daphnon
The gorge of Dafnonas  
The area around the Monastery is defined by a long gorge on the east side of the mountain which starts from the village of Kosmas, passes through the Monastery of Eloni and ends at sea level, near Leonidio. The gorge of Daphnos is distinguished for its rich flora, which includes some rare species, such as Potentilla arcadiensis, as well as four endemic species found exclusively there. For this reason the area is considered protected and is part of the Natura 2000 network, with code GR2520005.
Watering cans
Leaving Kosmas to Platanaki and Agios Vassilios (wonderful route from the forest road), we follow on the left the short dirt road to Potistres, a beautiful area with a stone fountain (built in 1929), plane trees and water. In this place, the inhabitants used to water their animals with running water.
The forest with chestnuts 
In and around Kosmas there is a magnificent chestnut grove that forms a giant chestnut forest -one of the largest in Greece- where you can enjoy your walk in nature.