Mazarakiotiko Pigadi

The route is well marked (red triangle). It starts from Kosmas square, continues west, crosses a dirt road and reaches Mazarakiotiko Pigadi.


Then it continues uphill and reaches the Fire Station at the top of Korombilia, where the view is wonderful. Return from the same path or from the dirt road.

Distance: 7.11 km.

Kosmas-Prophet Elias

A short circular path of about 45 minutes marked (orange triangle). You start from Kosmas square and go uphill. At the end of the village, turn right on the uphill then proceed to the dirt road and at the next junction go right for the prophet Elijah.


You meet the church, you go back a little and there you can gaze at the village from above and rest. Then you take the path to the right that descends to the village.

Kosmas-Castle of Geraki

The route starts from Kosmas and ends at Gerakiou castle.


It is well marked. Part of the route is on a dirt road. In the castle there is a guide where he can guide you to the place.

Kosmas-K. Ai-Giorgis-Potistres

A circular route marked (red circle), about 2 hours and 15 minutes.


You start from Kosmas square and go uphill. At the end of the village you take the road right up and at the next intersection you turn left. After a while the dirt road ends and the path starts. The sequel is downhill. You meet the source of the lower Ai Giorgis and after a while the small church of Ai Giorgis.


Follow for a while a dirt road and enter the path that goes for a long time next to and into the river. Then a piece is on the asphalt. In a little while you enter the path and reach the source of Potistres. You go up to the village.